How to buy a CPU (for EOS) inexpensively

All in one screenshot:


EOS network’s CPU is considered a renewable resource. Usually, you don’t need a lot of it. However, when the network is overloarded, you might need more than 10 EOS staked for CPU for a simple transfer. If you are not prepared to freeze so many coins, but you need to make a transfer, even with a comission, you can rent CPU. Money spent on rent is NOT returned.

1. Go to the website.
2. Log in via Scatter.
3. Go to the REX tab.
4. Click Borrow CPU/NET.
5. The Borrow For field indicates the name of the EOS account CPU is rented for. You can rent CPU not only for your account, but also for any other.
6. Write the amount of EOS taken for CPU in the CPU Amount field. In the CPU Borrowed line below you can see how much CPU can be obtained for this money.
7. Finish the operation by clicking Borrow from REX and confirm the operation in Scatter.

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